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awaken your deep heart (An Energetic activation)

“The deep heart is that part of you that is entirely yours.”


Deep within your heart is a chamber of energy that belongs only to you - waiting silently for your discovery and activation.  It is the crystal inside you never seen by others, felt only by you. The deep heart is the central engine that allows you to awaken to all around you. It is a shower of self-love that will rain through your body undoing the damage your life may have left there. 

Beginning with a 5-minute body relaxation process led by Body Master Steven Washington and featuring the transcendental music of Davor Bozic and Lee’s stirring vocals throughout, Awaken Your Deep Heart will lead you deep within; supporting your gentle activation of this sacred domain, while inviting you to live in a bigger way understanding all is everything, you are everything.

Running time: 1 hour 6 mins


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