forum user guide

To participate in the Portal Community Forum, log in or create an account with our forum provider, Muut. This is a one-time process and you can even sign up in a couple of clicks using your Facebook or Google+ account.

Click "Log In" in the grey bar on the Community Forum page to begin. Shortly after filling out your details, you will receive an email from Muut with simple directions to complete your registration.


Now that you're registered, sign in and click the triangular arrow next to your name (find it in that nice grey bar again) to edit your profile. From here you can add a profile picture, edit your personal details and change your password.

navigating the forum

The Portal Forum has a number of discussion channels to help you easily find the topics you're interested in. Find the discussion channels on the right hand side of the portal forum.

This is the perfect moment to click on the 'Introductions' discussion channel and say hello to the Portal community!

Reading Posts

See a topic you like the sound of? Click the title to expand the thread so that you can read the full post.

starting a topic, replying & sharing pictures

Click inside a text box to start a new topic or reply to an existing post.

A camera icon will appear in the bottom right hand corner of the box. Optionally, you can click this icon to upload a picture from your computer.

After posting, your picture will appear as a thumbnail in the forum, which will open full-screen when clicked.

Formatting posts

Italics and bolding

Text can be italicized by adding an underscore ( _ ) at the beginning and end of the text to be italicized. You can also bold text by adding an asterisk ( * ) at the beginning and end of the text to be bolded.


The following emoticons are supported (and encouraged):

modifying posts

After posting, there is a time frame of 2 minutes and 42 seconds during which you can remove or modify your post. Once the time has passed, your post will become permanent.

If you feel strongly that your post should be deleted, please email our moderator, Patty, at


Please be nice to your fellow Portal members and express yourself in a respectful and considerate manner. Abusive language or behavior will not be tolerated and may lead to suspension from the Portal forum.

forum privacy

Your privacy and comfort is of the utmost importance to us and we want you to feel safe sharing from the heart in the Portal forum. We have disabled indexing, which means that your posts will not show up in search engines.

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