Can I view videos on my smartphone or tablet?
Mobile device viewing requires the ability to run Flash. If you are using a mobile device and would like to view the videos, there are third party applications you may wish to look into such as Photon Flash or Skyfire.

Can I download Exclusives to my smartphone or tablet?
Direct downloads to mobile devices require a third party application to facilitate downloading. We recommend searching online to find the one that best fits your needs. Otherwise, downloads to tablets are easily achieved by downloading to your computer and syncing to your device.

How can I listen to audio on the site?
All audio players in the Portal allow you to listen directly from the site. Click the play button on the left hand side of an audio player to listen.

How can I download audio MP3s from the site to my computer?
Some audio players in the Portal allow you to download audio MP3s from the site. If available, click 'Download' on the right hand side of an audio player to download to your computer.

Why can't I listen to or download past Exclusives?
Each month, we add a brand new Exclusive to the portal for you to stream or download. Each Exclusive remains on the site for a month, giving members ample time to listen to or download. The majority of content is made available for purchase in Lee's online store after their debut in the Portal, so if there's something you missed, it's worth checking to see if you can get hold of it there.


If I take out a monthly subscription, will I be billed each month?
Yes. If you take out a monthly subscription, your account will automatically be billed each month.

Can I gift Portal membership to a loved one?
Absolutely! You can give the gift of Portal membership for 1 month, 3 months or a whole year.  Gift Portal membership now →

How can I manage my account or cancel my subscription?
Please visit the Manage Your Subscription page to learn more.


We ask that you do not share Portal content with those who have not purchased a subscription. Your subscription assists Lee and the team to continue to produce free content such as the monthly Energy Forecasts.

We would love for you to invite your friends to join the Portal! Please direct them to our Membership Page to find out more, or you can even gift Portal membership.